For inner peace

For every substance contained in RELAXUM© ,the natural healing effect is known. The active ingredients used and combined here help to relieve tension and restlessness during day and night. Concentration, attention and driving ability are not restricted.


For more resilience

DEFENSIO© contains a unique combination of eight substances, including valuable vitamins, all of which have proven to strengthen the immune system.


Developed by specialists in neurology, psychiatry & geriatrics
Scientifically proven
Made in Austria
Only five products for optimal nutrients


For the treatment of nerve pain & neuropathies

NEUTRION© is characterised by a concentration of alpha lipoic acid as well as the optimal composition of thiamine, the vitamins B 12 and B6, magnesium and folic acid. They support nerve regeneration, keep nerve fibres healthy and reduce nerve pain.


For more balance at work and in everyday life

AKTIVUM© contains a high-quality combination of L-tryptophan, saffron and ginkgo, which are particularly valuable for the nervous system in combination with vitamin B12 and folic acid.


For better memory and concentration in everyday life

CEBROVITAL© with a high content of vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin E, contributes to good blood circulation in the brain, which is strongly promoted by ginkgo and ginseng. The nervous system and the energy metabolism are supported in their functions. Vitamin B12 and folic acid promote mental health and prevent fatigue.

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YOU choose NIRU


Nutrients that we take in through our diet can have a significant impact on our health. They keep or make us healthy. They prevent diseases or, in case of deficiencies or imbalances, make us ill. Since 2020, NIRU products have been prepared in Austria based on a new formula and according to the strictest criteria and are characterised by a unique combination of vital substances.

The products are composed using the most up-to-date scientific data and are based on high-quality ingredients. NIRU uses substances from nature that have been known for centuries, such as valerian, clove, ginkgo, ginseng, uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw), turmeric, hops, balm, passion flower and saffron.

Why NIRU is convincing

  • Unique combinations of vital substances boost your nervous system
  • Developed & recommended by Austrian specialists for neurology, psychiatry & geriatrics
  • Best ingredients & dosage
  • Combines the best of nature & science, proven by scientific studies
  • With new formula and produced in Austria
  • Available without prescription in the web shop & in all pharmacies 
  • From 12 years for every age
  • Free from lactose, gluten, and animal gelatine
  • Only five products for optimal nutrients

We are aware that many of our patients take a variety of medications. There are no known interactions with NIRU products.


provide the body with important natural and high-quality vital substance combinations. These food supplements support the structure and function of nerves as well as mental balance.

The active ingredients have been carefully selected by our medical specialists and combined in the best possible way to achieve a scientifically proven maximum effect. The dietary supplements can be used as a single substance or, in consultation with your doctor, as an additional therapy.


For well-being and
mental performance

For balance in job and everyday life
With saffron, ginkgo,
folic acid, L-tryptophan


For more resilience
For everyday life
With turmeric, uncaria tomentosa,
cloves, vitamins,
and antioxidants


For brain & memory function
For better memory and concentration in everyday life
With ginkgo, lecithin, folic acid, vitamin B12,
ginseng & balm


For the nervous system
For the treatment of nerve pain & neuropathies
With alpha lipoic acid,
vitamins (B1,6,12),
magnesium & ginkgo


For inner peace
For the treatment of
nervousness and tension
With passion flower, hops,
balm & valerian

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